Shipping Policy

Orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

As every order is unique, shipping costs will vary depending on the size, weight and destination of your chosen items.

Quantity restrictions may apply for orders outside European Union.

All relevant delivery information and details about taxes and duties for your order and to your destination will be displayed at checkout.

All the parcels are delivered by UPS Express Courier with variable delivery time depending on the final destinations.

Please keep in mind that our shipping times should be used as a guide only and are based on time from dispatch.  Giorgio Wines cannot take responsibility for customs clearance delays, though we will try to minimize any potential inconvenience for all our customers.

Please find attached all the details in the table below:

Shipping costs per bottles
Free Shipping Over
Delivery Days
From 1 to 3
From 4 to 6
From 7 to 12
From 13 to 18
From 19 to 24
From 25 to 30
From 31 to 36
From 37 to 42
From 43 to 48
From 49+
€11€15€22€30€37€47€53€60€66€104Nothing1-2 Days
€18€21€40€59€79€98€117€137€156€253Nothing2-3 Days
€17€21€37€44€50€70€76€83€89€171Nothing2-3 Days
€17€21€37€44€50€70€76€83€89€171Nothing2-3 Days
€18€21€40€59€79€98€117€137€156€253Nothing2-3 Days
€17€21€37€44€50€70€76€83€89€171Nothing2-3 Days
The Netherlands
€17€21€37€44€50€70€76€83€89€171Nothing2-3 Days
€35€38€69€75€82€106€113€138€145€269Nothing2-3 Days
United Kingdom*
€35€38€69€75€82€106€113€138€145€269Nothing4-5 Days
€79€95€183€249Not AllowedNothing2-3 Days
United States
€66€79€124€203€269€336€403€469€537Not AllowedNothing15-20 Days
€105€155€236Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days
Hong Kong
€105€155€236Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days
New Zealand
€105€155€236Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days
€79€96€183€249€301€369Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days
€105€155€236€370€443Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days
South Africa
€167€208€363Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days
€167€198Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days
€167€198Not AllowedNothing7-10 Days

*England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Taxes and Duties

The amount of import duties paid by Giorgio Wines will be shown as a separate item in your cart and paid by you at the moment of checkout. For orders within the European Union the excises are already included in the product price.

Order Tracking

After placing an order, you will receive an email from us containing all the details of your purchase. We may also be in touch if we need further information to verify your payment.
Depending on the product you choose, dispatch will normally take 1 business days from order. As soon as the parcel is given to the courier we’ll be sure to keep you updated with tracking information and an estimated arrival date. You can also follow the delivery progress by accessing the tracking page of the courier following the link we will provide.