Prosecco DOC

Spumante Extra Dry

Giorgio Moroder’s Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Sparkling Wine is characterized by an elegant aroma of flowers and fresh fruit. This is a perfect sparkling prosecco for an aperitif.

Our Prosecco DOC Extra Dry is born in the heart of the Conegliano – Valdobbiadene area, the production area of the world’s most beloved Italian Sparkling Wine. Its elegant aroma of flowers and fresh fruit, the full and savory taste of good persistence, the fine perlage that enlivens the glass with lively chains, make it a perfect sparkling wine for an aperitif.

But thanks to its complexity and fullness, this interpretation of Prosecco Extra Dry is also ideal in combination with simple first courses, seafood, and raw seafood.

Making Giorgio Moroder’s wines so refined is all the care we reserve for our grapes, from the vineyard to the cellar. In full respect of the regulations for the production of Prosecco DOC sparkling wines, we dedicate meticulous care to the vineyard, in every phase of its life, and to the grape, in all the winery steps that allow us to turn it into wine.

Discover all the nuances of Giorgio Moroder’s Prosecco, also in the Extra Dry Sparkling version that you can find for sale online.

Is it always time for Prosecco: Brut, Dry or Extra Dry?

Versatile, lively, fragrant and refreshing, Prosecco is the perfect sparkling wine for a toast: from aperitif to the end of a meal, you just have to know how to choose the right type. And do you know the differences between the various types of Prosecco DOC? Depending on the sugar residue, this sparkling wine from Valdobbiadene is classified as Brut, Dry, and Extra Dry. Each version of Prosecco has its own peculiarities, which make it more or less suitable for different pairings.

  • With its sugar residue between 12 and 17 g/l, Prosecco Extra Dry is considered the king of the aperitif. Soft and tending towards sweeter notes (but be careful: we are not talking about what sommeliers define as sweet or dessert wine, but a wine less dry than Brut), Prosecco Extra Dry has a fine and persistent perlage and a color between pale straw and gold with greenish reflections.
  • Recognizable for its intense slightly fruity flavor, with more pronounced hints of acidity, Prosecco DOC Brut enhances fish and vegetable appetizers. The low sugar content (less than 12 g/l) allows it to discreetly accompany fresh or medium-aged cheeses, as well as white meats and simple first courses based on pasta and rice.
  • Among the three types, Prosecco Dry is the sweetest. But be careful: even in this case we are not talking about a dessert wine. The sugar residue between 17 and 32 grams per liter makes it the ideal accompaniment to seafood, spicy foods, and dishes from ethnic or fusion cuisine. It’s also intriguing with biscuits and dry pastries.


Ideal as an aperitif and particularly suitable with light first courses and seafood.

A Prosecco DOC Extra Dry for your toasts

Like all Giorgio Moroder wines, our Prosecco Extra Dry is born from care, a passion for a wonderful profession, and a love for a type of wine capable of surprising and winning over every time we open a bottle. When and with whom, you decide: our job is to offer you the best possible product.

The result is sparkling wines of great elegance, capable of interpreting all the nuances of the Prosecco area, in full respect of the territory. From the rigorous character of the Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Brut to the uncompromising refinement of the Superiore di Cartizze DOCG, passing through the Organic Brut Prosecco, produced entirely without pesticides and chemicals, from harvest to production, our winery will surprise you with its high-quality proposals.

And to do this we treat the earth and its fruits with the utmost respect, using cultivation methods that are attentive to the health of the environment. We handpick the clusters and bring them to the cellar for soft pressing. We use refrigeration and filtration for the clarification of the must and thermo-conditioned steel tanks for fermentation. Finally, after stabilization and sparkling with the Charmat method, we carry out the bottling.

Let yourself be seduced by a spark of Prosecco, also in the Extra Dry version perfect for the aperitif.



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